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Monday, November 15, 2010

Wow! I am so grateful!

Thanksgiving Pumpkin
I just wanted to take the opportunity to "Thank" everyone who visits my blog.  I never realized when I started blogging that so many people would actually want to look at my work.  I really love what I do and of course my Mom thinks everything I do is the greatest (but great Mom's are like that). I just never realized that so many others would take time from their busy schedules to view my projects and cards. I have had messages from people all over the world...Sweden, France, England, all across the US (more than 7,000 visits from people in the US).... From the map I have on my blog I see that people have visited from India, Africa, So America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Russia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Romania, literally, from all across this world of ours.  I love it when you visit, so please let me know you stopped by.  I have made many friends just because they stopped by to say "Hi".  Thanks again!  Sherry

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  1. I am curious, how did you make this pumpkin? I can't figure it out...melissa